A Fish Dinner

Your friend has invited you to a fish dinner. He has caught the fish, cleaned the house, gathered new flowers and otherwise went to a great deal of trouble. You know before you arrive that fish have bones in them. As you eat the dinner and come to a bone you quietly lay it to the side and go on enjoying yourself.

The Message

This message is an invitation to an intellectual and spiritual fish dinner. This message is not about facts. It is about "what if." It is a new paradigm. It is an invitation to embrace each idea and work with it in your mind to its logical conclusion. If it turns out to be a bone just lay it aside and go on. But for goodness sake...

Don’t choke.

This paper is not an invitation to an argument. It is intended to be challenging entertainment. It is not intended to offend.

And no, you cannot eat your dessert first!

What I mean by this is that you really need the more tedious premises in the first part to justify the conclusions at the end.

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