The True God

John 1:1

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was GOD."

The ancients were intelligent people. They were cognizant of ideas that we have lost today. When they wrote they wrote in such a way as to hide them from most of the world. If they sunk their ideas in the muddy water of vague or multiple meanings, then others who came later would leave the wording intact because they could find their own inoffensive meaning in the words. Most of the meanings of those hidden messages have been lost. This verse and others like it contain the distilled essence of what Christianity and the Bible is all about.

This verse talks about two Gods. The creator God is easy to understand but the God that is the "word" needs some definition. In this case God is what works; God is cause and effect: the principles that we use everyday to make things happen.

If someone asks us what is the word about some subject that we have intimate knowledge. What they are asking for is the closest truth: the real inside story. Palabra means word in Spanish. In old western movies we heard John Wayne ask for a "palaver" with the Indians. What was being asked for was a talk where the details of a deal were to be discussed. In tones solemn, earnest and patronizing each leader assured the other that they were telling the truth. In French it is "parole." When someone is on parole from prison that person has told the truth that he will behave.

The "Word" means the truth: the rules by which the game is played. The program that a computer uses as a base for all of its actions. The "Word" means all the laws that are in effect in the universe.

Here are thousands of these rules/laws:

These rules are the God that is the second person of the trinity. God the creator being the first. It will be explained later how this second God became flesh; God the son. These rules are the God of western religion and understood to be so by the writer of John 1:1. It was this idea of this one true God that caused Abram to separate himself from all other religions that do not acknowledge the rules God. These other religions do know of the creator God and the focus of their religion is to get him to change the rules just for them for one special occasion.

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