Cause and Effect

Proverbs 25:2

"It is the glory of God (the father/creator) to conceal a thing but it is the honor of kings to search it out."

Men have searched out the rule God of thermodynamics and have come to understand that part of God. The word worship has the same root as worthy. An airplane is worthy of having gas put into its tanks. Putting gas into the airplane is an act of worship. The same ideas apply to every part of the plane that allows it to fly under control. That part of God that is relative to the rules of metallurgy must be worshipped by inspecting the cables, bolts and rivets. Once the pilot has determined that the God of the rules has been worshiped sufficiently he can break the surly bonds of earth and exhilarate in his knowledge of God.

Let us imagine that our pilot is flying at 7000 feet. There is nothing below but desolate danger. Let us imagine that he forgot or did not deem it important to put gasoline into the machine. He is 100 miles from safety with 1 gallon left in his tanks. He can call out to any God he can imagine…. He is going to die!!!!! That’s the rule, that is God. The Virgin Mary cannot save him. All of the Saints cannot save him. Sweet Jesus cannot save him. YHWH cannot save him. Everything that he can pray to is an idol; a graven image and does not work or have any power. In fact the only rule that applies to him any more is Proverbs 22:

"How long you simple ones will ye have simplicity and fools hate knowledge. Turn you at my reproof. I will pour out my spirit upon you. I will make known my WORDS (rules/laws) unto you. I have called and you refused. I have stretched out my hand and you have not regarded. You have set at naught my council. I WILL LAUGH AT YOUR CLAMITY!!! I will mock when your fear cometh. When your fear comes as desolation and your destruction comes as a whirlwind. Then shall you call on me BUT I WILL NOT ANSWER!! They shall seek me early; They SHALL NOT FIND ME.!! But those that hearken unto me (the rules/laws) shall dwell safely."

The edge between the definition of laws (rules) and commandments has become very fuzzy. The commandments protect one from the law (rule).

Imagine a hot stove in the middle of a cold room little child plays in the room. His mother gives a commandment: "Thou shalt not touch the stove." The commandment protects the child from the law/word/rule of thermodynamics: heat flows from a hot stove to a cooler finger. She does not explain the law/word/rule of thermodynamics. She just issues the commandment and limits his freedom. She may put up a fence around the stove and issue the commandment: "Thou shalt not climb over the fence." The fence protects the child from the law/word/rule of probability. It is much more likely that the child cannot touch the stove if he has a hard time getting to it. There are no other natural consequences for his climbing over the fence except for the increase in probability of his touching the stove.

Many years ago the Baptist forbid mixed bathing; that is men and women swimming together. Mixed bathing is a fence. There are no other natural consequences of seeing the naked bodies of the opposite sex other than increasing the probability that they will encounter the sobering consequences of engaging in sex. The rule/law/consequences are jealousy and pregnancy, etc.

Imagine a busy intersection with a traffic light. In the case of the traffic light; the light itself is a probability-reducing fence about the serious natural after effects of a traffic accident.

The laws/rules that you are being protected from are:

Legal definitions:

The commandment is: Thou shalt stop at the intersection when the light is red and go when it is green.

The statute: Defines the commandment more precisely; the placement and size of the light. How far from the intersection one should stop, etc.The witnesses and testimonies: Tell you which statutes are being enforced.

The judgments: Means that if you offend the statute and are caught, you will pay a penalty. This penalty has very little in common with the consequences of the lack of worship of the law: That being, in this instance, thrashed in a traffic accident. The judgment and penalty would probably be paying a money fine.

The ordinances: Have to do with how one learns what are the commandments, laws, statutes, judgments, witnesses, and testimonies. In the case of the traffic light it is usually done with a booklet from the dept. of motor vehicles.

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