How the God of Rules Became Flesh

The Rules God is the one true God. No other system has a better correlation with effectiveness.

Let us imagine that your 1973 Chevy pick up has a problem. You fervently desire that it should run. You could get a piece of wood from the forest and carve it into the God of carburetors. You might place it in front of your truck and melt some butter and pour it over the God. You could place one hand on your carburetor and raise the other one to heaven and pray that your truck be healed. You could bow down in front of it and beg that your truck should run again.

Or... You could learn of the God of the rules of fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, gravity, strength of materials, etc. and worshipfully apply them to your problem.

The First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me." Ex22: 18 "Thou shalt not suffer an idolater to live."

Anyone, who took the path of fixing carburetors via the wooden stick, butter and prayers method was to be killed. The effect would be the removal of those individuals from the gene pool with a proclivity to think in that manner and would be a selection process in favor of a race of people who could fix carburetors. Similarly, other commandments called for the killing of habitual liars, thieves, and murderers, which would select for a race of people who were truth tellers, self reliant, and gentle. These people would be the best farmers, scientists, engineers, explorers, animal breeders, inventors, thinkers, doctors, etc. Each one would be self-sufficient; not disposed to live in tribes or cities. Because of the food and breeding commandments selection was made for people that were healthy and free from genetic diseases.

John 1:14 "And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us." You could say that these people were created by the commandments or at least selected for by them.

An allegory can be an imaginary person that represents the characteristics or ideas of a group of people. Betty Crocker is not a real person. She represents a composite of all of the people that General Mills thinks will buy its products. The character "Christian" in John Bunyan's book "Pilgrim's Progress" was not a real person. He represented all persons that believed as he did as he encountered their typical problems. The gods of ancient Greece were allegories. Aphrodite had the form of a woman but she represented the idea of passionate consuming lusty sex. When the love and passion that Aphrodite represents is spent it gives birth to that sighing hearts and flowers face to face love that is the son of Aphrodite, The allegory; Eros.

Jesus was a real person but it is more important that you understand that his life and character is an allegory. He represents the group of people that have been genetically selected by their understanding of the rules God. The worship of the rules God and the adherence to the protection and selecting power of the commandments produced a group of people that are the light of the world. His life is a parallel to their history as a group. His death burial and resurrection is a prophesy of what is going to happen to them in the future and has not happened to them yet.

John 1:3 "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." If a modern person in the first world looks about themselves they will notice that every thing that they see first existed as an idea -a dream- in a mind and then by and through the process and forces of will, became reality. Photography, xerography, printing, writing, ink, Formica, aircraft, automobiles, vinyl, paper, plastic, computers, electric lights, speakers, glass, metal, audiotapes, clothing, toasters, refrigerators. In this list or any other list; every thing on that list came from the mind of a member of the family of the Children of Light. Nothing came from the mind of any other group.

If one looks at the miracles of Jesus that were done in the last part of his life, All of them have become available through the mind of a member of the Children of Light because one of his ancestors searched out the matter through rules God. For example: healing or the production of food to feed the multitude.

The Children of a Lesser God

Let us look at other groups of people that underwent other selection processes. You can imagine a society of people that did not understand the rules God and did not value the Commandments. Their natural propensity would be to take what they need from other people. The best thief, the best raider, the most violent would probably be the wealthiest man in the community. Being wealthy, it is likely that he had the most wives and the most children, thus selecting for stealing and violence. Because this society did not select for the individual who thought the rules/law/word God worthy they would never develop science, writing, invention or technology. They would tend to loose their individual identity to a gang/mob called a tribe because they would need to pool their meager resources of technology. Tribes are more efficient as violent raiders and thieves. The American Indians like the Navajo/Apache fit this mold.

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