The Other Side of the Coin

Now; before we go any further, we must make it clear whom we are talking about and whom we are not talking about. Satan is also an allegory. He is not a man but has the image/form of a man and represents a group of people that have a common ideal, a point of view, and a purpose. The word Satan means an adversary. The group of people with this common purpose is the enemy, adversary of the children that are the light of the world. The light children are not the adversaries of the Satan people.

These two families of people had their beginnings in two twin brothers, Jacob and Esau. Esau bred with women that had the genetic inclination to be cheats, liars, and thieves. They did not search out the rules/law God and did not work at using those principles at controlling the world about them.

Gen. 28:8 "And Esau saw that the daughters of Canaan pleased not his father Isaac." Jacob, however, bred back into his own genetic makeup and married his mother's brother's daughters. Jacob's Grandfather, Abraham, Was very careful to breed his son Isaac with genetic stock that he approved of.

Gen. 24:2 "And Abraham said to his eldest servant 'put thy hand under my Testicles and swear by the God of heaven (creator God) and the God of the earth (rules/law/word God) that shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of the Canaanites.' "

Gen.27:41"And Esau hated Jacob and said in his heart I will slay my brother Jacob." Esau's descendents became the adversary (Satan) to the descendents of Jacob. Esau's descendents went on to become the nation of Babylon (nation having the same root as natal, nativity. Having to do with birth. Meaning that the people of a nation have the same ancestors.) Babylon is the name of the people not the name of the geography. The people occupying that region today have very little in common with the Esau people.

Because the Children of Light gave up the protection of the commandments they were taken over by Babylon in 721 BC. They were warned of what was about to happen and many of the best people with understanding left and started other countries. You will notice that Rome was founded at this time. So were Carthage, Macedonia, Corinth, and Byzantium. Greece had its golden age at this time because of the infusion of the character of the Children of Light at this time. Many went to China and India. Confucius was one of the Children of Light. The problem was that these people bred with the locals and soon thereby diluted (adulterated) their advantage.

When a small remnant of these people was sent back to reoccupy their country in 527BC The Babylonians sent along with them members of their own priestly class; Nobility that was owed favors by the Babylonian government. These people were sent as parasitic rulers and governors. There is a very informative story in II Kings 17:24 Where the Babylonians "Knew not the manner of the God of the land" So they asked that teachers be sent to teach them "the manner of the God of the land." The descendents of Esau, the Babylonians then mixed their own religion with the ordinances of the Children of Light. From this dialectic came the new thesis, which had the form and manners of the rules/law God but were amalgamated with magical systems, which had poor correlations with effective results. Such as horoscopes, and the zodiac. These new priests did not have the capability to understand the Rules /law God and therefore redefined the ordinances so that every movement, piece of clothing, word, or sacred object. Became part of the dance that they felt would get the attention of the creator God so that he would change the rules just for them. These new priests were the physical ancestors of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes of Jesus' time. And this is why Jesus called them "a race of vipers" in Matt. 23.

When Rome finally threw everyone out of the country that Jesus lived this race of Pharisees went to Spain. The common Babylonian had long since left their homeland and gone to what is now western Russia.

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